Getting Started with MixR


The Account Settings and Profile Corner

How can I change my email?
I have not received my email validation. What’s the problem?
I do not receive MixR's emails and I have nothing in my spam folder. How can I fix this?
How do I change my password?
How can I make sure my information is private?

The MixR Member’s Corner

Can I manage what emails and notifications I receive?
Can I send a private message to a member or a group organizer ?
I have a great idea for a mixr. How can I suggest it?
How many groups can I join ?
A co-worker told me about a group/mixr but I can’t find it!
How can I set up my profile to see groups and mixrs in locations other than my primary one?
How do you know my location?
I have selected “don’t allow” location services and now I cannot go back
I can’t download your app on my smartphone. What’s going on?

The Organizer’s Corner

What is an organization?
How do I create a workplace?
What is the difference between an organization and a workplace?
How can I create a group in my Workplace?
What is the difference between a group and an ERG?
How do I invite people to my workplace?
How to invite people to my group?
Can I control the number of people that join a group or participate in a mixr?
How is MixR concretely helping me to engage my group members ?
How can I change my group location?
I’m trying to upload pictures to my group/mixr
What’s the difference between a public group and a private group?
Can I easily get help to run my group and/or my mixr?
What exactly are the organizer’s roles and rights?
How can your Group Leadership Team help you?
How can your mixr Leadership Team help you?
How can I add Zoom meeting to my mixr?

Just in Case...The Disputes Corner

How to deal with a trouble-making group member?
I’ve been unjustly expelled from a group or mixr. What should I do?
How do I block or report organizers, group members or mixr participants?

The Safety and Legalities Corner

Why do you need my birth date?
Who can see the information I share on my profile page? In my group? In my mixr?