Welcome to MixR!

Welcome to MixR!

Welcome to MixR! 🥳

With MixR, you have more freedom than ever before to tailor your employee experience and take an active role in shaping your company’s culture 🎉 You’ll get to join and create shared-interest communities with your colleagues, whether it is to brainstorm innovative solutions to business challenges, build your network, discuss personal challenges, talk about last night’s NBA game, have lunch- or maybe just drinks🧃 - and anything else that you can think of! Kudos to your leadership for choosing to empower you and your colleagues to take a more active role in shaping culture and for investing in your social well-being 😌 We can’t wait to witness the amazing communities that will flourish thanks to you and your colleagues!

Wait a minute, what’s MixR again?

MixR is a platform designed to help you make the most out of what your company has to offer: the connections that you can forge with other people!

On MixR you can join, create, and lead shared-interest communities in an environment that is safe, and private to your organization.

These communities are organized in groups that you and other members can choose to join or create. Each group is fitted with a dedicated discussion feed where members can exchange messages, files, links, documents, and pictures as well as share their comments and reactions to others’ posts.

An important aspect of the life of a community is live interaction, hence, each group has a dedicated agenda where group leaders, and in some instances, regular members, can organize events called mixrs.

Mixrs are an essential aspect of your communities! Make sure to participate in as many of them as you can to make the most out of this opportunity to grow your network, find new friends, mentors, and more. We strongly believe that no one can feel at their best, and do their best work, without meaningful social connections at work, and as it turns out, research agrees with us! That’s why we created MixR, the Employee Platform to Build Communities@Work ;)

It’s time to create your account!

To join MixR, click on the link in your email invitation, or head directly to https://www.mixr.net/0/signup